Knutepunkt Sørlandet

Knutepunkt Sørlandet (Kristiansand Region) is an inter-municipal cooperation between the city of Kristiansand and six surrounding municipalities. The area, located in the southernmost part of Norway, covers 2150 square km and has about 125,000 inhabitants. Kristiansand, with more than 80,000 inhabitants, is the main city in the area with very good connections to the continent, both by ferries and by airplane.

The cooperation Knutepunkt Sørlandet was established to coordinate the inter-municipal teamwork and take an active part in activities, which will create effective and good solutions both for the inhabitants and for the commercial trade.

Knutepunkt Sørlandet was also a partner in the Interreg IV B project Demographic Change, which terminated 31 December 2011.

Two of the municipalities, Vennesla and Lillesand, are taking part in iAge. Vennesla is situated 25 km to the north of Kristiansand and Lillesand 30 km to the east.

The University of Agder, Campus Grimstad, is the Norwegian sub-partner and responsible for the Norwegian pilot and for the coordination of WP 4. The University is based in two cities, Kristiansand and Grimstad, 40 km east of Kristiansand. The Centre for e-Health and Health care technology is the driving motor in this project; this center is an inter-disciplinary faculty collaboration.

E-health has an important focus in Norway, both seen from a national perspective and also as an area of commitment among the counties, municipalities and public organizations in South Norway. In this respect iAge will give an important contribution to other projects in the same field.

The Norwegian partner and sub-partner are responsible for the mid-conference in June 2013.

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