Provincie Drenthe

The province of Drenthe is a rural area containing 12 municipalities with almost 500,000 inhabitants. In the next 20 years, the number of elderly (65+) will increase by almost 50% and the share of youngsters will decrease by almost 25%.

"Sustainable Employment in Ageing Drenthe", our pilot within the iAge project, aims to retain and expand on the social and economic involvement of employees above the age of 58 in Drenthe and improve the combination of work and care (informal care-givers).


  • Informal caregiver and volunteers can remain in their own living and working environment;
  • The person requiring help or care can remain in the home environment, living independently;
  • Increased job opportunities for well educated people and care professionals;
  • Ensuring that care is accessible and affordable in Drenthe;
  • Creating an impulse for the quality of life in rural areas in Drenthe struggling with a shrinking population.


We need to investigate and gain more insight into the needs of older employees, caregivers, and volunteers. We have to do this in corporation with knowledge institutes and developers of ICT and human technology. To discover which ICT developments are interesting for the end-user we start with defining the end-user.

Together with our sub-partners, STAMM CMO Drenthe, Hanze Institute of technology, Municipality of Aa en Hunze we approach using existing platforms or potential end-users:

  • Exchanging and sharing knowledge regarding ICT;
  • Developing , organizing and giving courses
  • Using a user-friendly product description;
  • start by making a user-friendly product description;
  • Secure the results, carry out a quality check and secure further implementation.
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