Newsletter 6

Newsletter 6 - January 2015


The main aim of iAge - a project within the NSR Interreg IVB Programme - is to improve the regional development of areas in decline that are affected by an ageing population through promoting and increasing economic and social e-inclusion.


During the course of the iAge project the partners have cooperated in producing two informative magazines.

The Midterm Magazine gives an excellent overview of the goals, ambitions and achievements of each partner in June 2013. The iMagezine was produced for the Final Conference and informs readers of the final results of each pilot project, some potential projects for the coming Interreg Programme and more information on Interreg itself.

iAge Reports & Results

As the the iAge project reaches the closure date, several reports have been produced with results and conclusions.

The Trimbos Institute (NL) has written a report on the barriers and needs of the elderly with regard to ICT. Using input from all the iAge partners, Trimbos surveyed this subject within the participating countries and produced a comprehensive report on the subject. You can download this report here.

Our Norwegian partners have also produced a detailed report on their pilot project 'Granma on the Web'.

iAge Final Conference a great Success!

The Final Conference of the iAge project, which took place in Assen (NL) on 19th November 2014, was a very successful event from all perspectives.

iAge at Scanbalt Forum 2014

For players in the field of Healthy Ageing the Scanbalt Forum 2014 was the place to be last October. This international congress, with the theme ‘Active & Healthy Ageing’ took place in Groningen (NL) from 8th-10th October.