Wiseguys in Kortrijk


On 3rd December  iAge partners Leiedal and Mentor from Kortrijk in Belgium host a special focus group on inclusion of target groups in ICT-trainings. The focus group consists of key figures in the neighbourhood, called Wiseguys. These 'Wiseguys' were trained in several topics on the social map of Kortrijk and social skills during another INTERREG-project, SUCCES, that ended in June 2013. The focus group fits into a longitudinal research that measures the results of a widescale ICT-training for all residents of Kortrijk that took place 6 years ago . The output from this focus group will have a direct effect on the organization of future ICT-trainings by the City of Kortrijk. This research is in cooperation with the City of Kortrijk and Howest college Kortrijk.



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