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Lifelong Living Online: start registration of pilot participants

On 28th November a kick-off meeting for the pilots of Lifelong Living Online took place in Care Center "Van DedemMarke" in Dedemsvaart. During the meeting people could apply for participation in the pilot.

The project Lifelong Living Online focuses on more independent and comfortable living with the help of modern technology. Interviews were conducted with focus groups consisting of elderly from the target group (75+) to find out what their needs are.  "The discussion showed that most elderly people would like to live independently, but they don't realize that technology is a tool that can support this," explained Evert Breukelman, i-Age project manager for the municipality of Hardenberg. "But when they see a demonstration of tools like an iPad or smartphone, enthusiasm grows."

In January pilots start up, giving the recruited elderly the opportunity to practice with modern means. "In this way we want to figure out what works and what does not," says Evert. "For this, we distinguish three sub-projects: safety, social contacts and services. The municipality is working closely with care and welfare organizations "Carinova", "Baalderborg Group" and "De Stuw". Carinova supervises the pilot on safety. Elderly people participating get a camera installed at their front door and they can also try out a light sensor lamp which reacts to movement, for instance when someone steps out of bed. "

The pilot on Social Contacts is supervised by "De Stuw. "They are going to work with a digital ‘community center'. The community center is a well-known phenomenon, a cozy place nearby where elderly people can meet. But when you have walking difficulties, or if it is slippery in the winter, it may be difficult for older people to visit the community center", Evert explains. "With the help of Skype a digital community center is a good alternative. The possibilities for a videophone circle are also being looked into, so that elderly can meet regularly with the use of Skype."

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Services pilot  is supervised by an external project manager and GP Bé Prenger. He is making the elderly familiar with the tool "ZWIP". This is a digital portal focusing on care for the elderly. "ZWIP is a kind of digital conference table. The elderly themselves control who has access to their data and they can thus ensure that the various helpers know from each other what they are doing; but they can also determine what information is not intended for everyone", Bé explains.

During the meeting, people could sign up straight away - and several dozen have done so. In the coming period, other interested elderly people will be approached to see if  they also want to participate.

Following the test phase, which starts in January, the pilot groups will evaluate  the experiences working with the different tools over a period of several months.This information will then be shared with the other European i-Age partners, so that as many people as possible can benefit.

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