Sitting behind the geraniums

Sitting behind the geraniums? No Way!

There's a Dutch expression  -  ‘achter de geraniums zitten,' which means retiring and sitting at home watching the world go by from behind the geraniums on the window sill. This has negative connotations; retirees say they are definitely NOT planning to sit behind the geraniums!

The elderly are no longer staring out the window - they are using a window! The computer and Internet are here to stay. However, the same goes for areas in decline.  Our iAge partners in Hardenberg (NL) are teaching a group of 75-plussers the new possibilities for ICT, domotica and social media. The individuals in this group receive made-to-measure care and social support and become part of a new social network. Online or face-to-face: social interaction and contact with the world around you is the best medicine for depression, loneliness and isolation.

Would you like to see some 80-year-olds having fun with an iPad?

Laatst bijgewerkt op 27 June 2013.