Pilot Self Tracking Devices

Within the framework of iAge various faculties at the Hanze University in Groningen (NL) are cooperating on an experiment to use mobile health devices to monitor and give feedback on how fit individuals are.

mHealth devices can measure a number of body functions; heart rate, sleep pattern, movement etc. The professorsship Business & ICT, Labour Market Participation and the Quantfied Self Institute are working together to test these devices for employees. A group of workers have volunteered to wear a mHealth device (e.g. a bracelet) which will measure personal vitality and fitness. It seems that just wearing this has a positive effect on behaviour!

Following instruction in March, the devices were distributed. Self-motivation is an important aspect of the experiment; the workers must be keen to self track for a period of three months. For both the researchers and those being monitored it is an exciting time - no such test has ever been carried out on the work floor!

Before, during and at the end of the testing period the workers are interviewed on their personal experience of using the self tracking devices and they have the support of a ‘vitality coach' who will also offer tips and tricks, where needed, for a healthier lifestyle.

In the end this pilot will result in a more informed insight into how self tracking can work to increase the workers' vitality and possibly better ways to use these devices to further improve positive results.

Laatst bijgewerkt op 22 April 2014.