OLD.OUT Conference Flanders 14th November 2012

"OLD/OUT" Conference

On Wednesday 14th November the interregional iAge project was launched in the Concert Studio of Kortrijk, Belgium. Under the controversial title "OLD / OUT" the conference highlighted the demographic phenomenon of aging and how ICT solutions can redeem the opportunities on the labor market.

The problem of the ageing population and the socio-economic impacts were identified by three guest speakers. First, Johan Surkeyn, researcher at the VUB, gave a regional demographic sketch of East and West Flanders and its impact on the labor market. With a projection of the inverted population pyramid in 2025, he illustrated the factors surrounding the ageing population. Subsequently, Ignace Chanterie, from his experience as a coordinator labor market of South-West Flanders, disclosed to the audience the elements of the end-career debate. It soon became clear that the demographic changes that ageing causes also offer opportunities. The reactivation of older people in the labor market according to their skills and preferences fits the needs, which the labor market will face in the future. Lars Hartenstein, final guest speaker and director of Sentiso in Hamburg, offered a possible solution for the shortage of skilled labor. The platform he proposed brings together the skills and competences of the elderly and offers a way to reactivate them on the labor market.

The presentations can be found on http://www.vzwmentor.be/iage

Pictures are located at http://iageproject.posterous.com/168827088#more

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