Kortrijk complete research

As Spring is coming, the City of Kortrijk and Howest complete
the research they have been conducting in cooperation with iAge partners
Leiedal and Mentor vzw. In this final phase of the research, all results are
mapped, processed and checked to get an overview of the effects of past
ICT-training and the need for future training on ICT-related issues.


The input gained from more than 500 online questionnaires
from ex-participants of ICT-training (made to the example of a questionnaire
developed by iAge partner Trimbos) is being linked with results from a
previous, similar research in the Citizen First project (INTERREG IIIB) in
2007-2008. This is completed with the information from nine focus groups with
difficult to access target groups (see
photo, focusgroup in the Public Centre of Social Welfare in Kortrijk).


The results will be released in April, during the 'digital'
week in Kortrijk. The final report will be shared with all European partners
and stakeholders, as a clear example of the effects of ICT-training and the key
performance indicators for a successful ICT-training program for elderly people
and other target groups.


Laatst bijgewerkt op 4 March 2014.