The iAge pilot in Drenthe

The iAge pilot in Drenthe is called "Sustainable Employability in Drenthe" and focusses on finding ICT solutions in support of the working caregiver in SMEs. In the nearby future we think this group of employees will be significantly important to the functioning of the labour market in Drenthe, due to demographic, economic and political developments. A first draft of preliminary conclusions of our research is now available on the website "Memo: research phase 1".


We recently finished a literature-review in which we made an inventory of all the ICT-instruments useful for the working caregiver. Solutions to unburden the working caregiver can be found in three places: the patient, the working caregiver and the employer. A lot of ICT solutions in de care-sector do exist (websites, special hardware and software, systems-domotics etc etc.), with functionalities useful for caregivers, but no tailor-made instrument was discovered. As there is an abundance on the market, the advice from the literature review is to adapt existing instruments to the needs of the end user, instead of developing something completely new (see article on the website "Paid work and care giving - from problems to solutions")

Laatst bijgewerkt op 2 September 2013.