Hardenberg discusses modern technology with the elderly

The Municipality of Hardenberg, partner in iAge, is concerned with keeping their elderly active for as long as possible. Within the context of the iAge project, where ICT plays an important role, Hardenberg is questioning a group of 75+ within the municipality in order to gain a profounder insight into the respondents' experiences and desires in terms of modern technology. The results of this investigation and discussions are related to their ‘Lifelong Living Online' project.

The parties involved want to meet the challenges of aging. Focusing on smart solutions that meet the world of the elderly, we want to help older people remain healthy and active so they can maintain their independence.

Within Hardenberg's  sub-project "Life Long Living Online" a group of people over 75 years learns to deal with the new possibilities of ICT, automation and social media. Using these modern means they receive both care and social support, and they become part of a new social network. The municipality has invited a number of elderly people from Dedemsvaart for a discussion on this subject. What modern means do the elderly use now, what do they miss and what might they find useful? The outcome of these talks is the starting point for the pilot in which a group of older people become acquainted with modern tools, with the help of volunteers. Professional healthcare organizations from the region are participating as well.

Laatst bijgewerkt op 6 February 2013.