Computer course in Lillesand for seniors at 65 plus

Lillesand municipality represented by Lillesand Adult Education Centre (LAEC) has completed one basic data communications course for participants of 65 plus. LAEC has used instructors with high educational qualifications and extensive teaching experience. The instructors are also well qualified to teach in computing, and have certification in ICT-survey.

Courses are conducted in LAEC’s new premises, where the computer equipment is state of the art. The first course was conducted over three days with 2 hours a day, during the period 2 October to 4 November 2013. 12 participants attended, all 65 plus.

The main objective of the training program was to provide basic computer training; the participants should be able to start up, log on and use the computer for simple tasks, be familiar with the most widely used computer applications like the MS Office Package and be able to use these programs. Furthermore, training in e-mail is emphasized, as well as to retrieve necessary information on the internet and fill out and submit online forms. Digital training materials were used and necessary guidance was given. The participants expressed that this was a useful and good course and many also appreciated the social aspect that such courses offers.

Three new courses are planned in winter/spring 2014.

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