Caregivers want more flexible working hours

Caregivers want more flexible working hours


One in eight employees in Drenthe is a caregiver. That means 70,000 and this number is expected to double in the next ten years. On 5th September the Province of Drenthe and the HANNN (Healthy Ageing Network of the Northern Netherlands) organized an ‘Xpert Meeting' at the regional government's seat in Assen (Dr). A high attendance from all stakeholder- groups (policy makers, businesses and working caregivers) discussed the issue of combining a job with caring responsibilities.

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The double task of care and work can result in over-taxed employees. Research indicates that 42% of care-giving employees would like to have more flexibility. SMEs in particular should anticipate on this. The ‘Xpert Meeting' was an ideal opportunity for the participants to increase awareness amongst each other in terms of the issues involved and to look for solutions. Some innovative technical and virtual solutions were presented that can be interesting for both care givers and patients alike.

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