Campaign to raise awareness for caregivers in Drenthe

Logo Drenthe Mantelzorgvriendelijk-kleur

IAge partners in Drenthe have launched a publicity campaign to raise awareness for working caregivers in the region. The campaign gives both employers and colleagues an insight into the challenges faced by those who combine their daily jobs with caring for their near and dear; thus creating an opening for common discussion and the search for possible solutions.

Personal stories form the basis of the campaign, together with meetings set up in cooperation with SME organizations in the North of the Netherlands.

Personal stories

The individual stories of a number of working caregivers have been recorded - written down and filmed. As an extra layer, these stories are also accompanied by illustrations which symbolize the double life working caregivers are leading and the multiple responsibilities they have to deal with. The illustrations help to visualize the problems and show that sharing the responsibility for care can reduce some of the pressure.

In the coming weeks a number of films, a website and flyers will be produced. Furthermore, the campaign will seek publicity in relevant literature, magazines and newsletters. And of course there is a specially designed logo to underline the campaign's identity. The heart-shaped logo comprises the letters M and V supporting each other (standing for Mantelzorg Vriendelijk, Caregiver Friendly).

The first meeting with employers and care-giving employees is expected to take place in May.

Logo Drenthe Mantelzorgvriendelijk-wit

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