Use of iPads by the elderly in Hardenbeg

Since March this year more than forty elderly people (between 67 and 90 years) in
Dedemsvaart are working with modern technology. The elderly participate in the
pilot "Lifelong Living Online", which is part of the European iAge project. Within
this project the Municipality of Hardenberg is working together with homecare
organization "Carinova", welfare organization "De Stuw", "Baalderborg Group"
(care for the handicapped) and GP Group Avereest.

IAge is aimed at finding solutions to the problems associated with the aging population
throughout Europe. The project in Dedemsvaart focuses on the use of modern ways
to promote longer independent living for elderly people. In three subprojects this
age group is working with modern technology to experience what this can
contribute to more independent and comfortable living. Read more... (docx, 18 kB)

Laatst bijgewerkt op 8 July 2014.