iAge: e-inclusion in ageing Europe

iAge is an international cooperation project focusing on the improvement of regional development in areas of decline affected by an ageing population. Partners from 10 regions in 6 countries around the North Sea all work together on new approaches to service delivery and economic development through ICT innovation. iAge promotes the use of ICT to combat social exclusion, improve employment opportunities, quality of life and community participation. This European project is co-funded by the Interreg IVB Programme for the North Sea Region and runs from 2012 - 2014. The Province of Drenthe (NL) is Lead Beneficiary.

Until 2030 the number of people of 65+ will increase more than 50%, resulting in a significant impact on pensions, health care, the labour market and the sustainability of communities. At the same time: today's senior people are healthier, more mobile, qualified, IT- skilled and have greater purchasing power than any generation before. The North Sea Region can benefit from this potential and develop dynamic and successful communities.

Transnational activities and joint analyses lead to positive achievements towards the EU 2020 objectives for innovation and employment.

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